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Kris and Barbara's B-sides


Billie’s Joy Ride

Ten summer-smiles

Billie’s 2nd Birthday Party!   (part 3)

Billie’s 2nd Birthday Party!   (part 2)

Billie’s 2nd Birthday Party!   (part 1)

In de pashokjes na het zwemmen.

Cine (Taken with Cinemagram)

Mijn eerste staartje.

Everyone was thinking that spring had already arrived, but winter still had some strength left and gave us a few more days of snow and freezing temperatures. 

De eerste keer alleen op de trein.

I’m really very grateful for phonecams. I’m not kidding. I already have so many pictures of precious moments of Billie with Barbara or with her grandparents or with other people. Moments that I would never had been able to capture because I’m not carrying my big and heavy digital reflex all the time. The last couple of weeks, my mother has been ill and was hospitalized. So we tried to visit her as much as we could and then Billie kissed and hugged and smiled. And I was lucky to capture a few of these beautiful moments. Like the one above.. the eye-contact..  the communication between the two.. I find it pretty awesome. 

Brussels-North railway station.
(View from my desk at FPS Finance.)

Billie posing under a shower of light.

(My favorite one of this set can be seen here on Flickr )